samedi 30 juin 2012

African Flower Pouch Bag

"African flower pouch bag". 
These are the words I typed into google when I finally knew what I wanted to make with my little crochet hexagons.
Coco taught me how to make these beautiful African Flowers last month but I had no idea what to do with them...  A cushion maybe, to bring some warmth in my living room.  
But then I thought of a pouch bag!!
And thank you, thank you, thank you NillaK, not only did you make the perfect pouch bag, but you also gave a perfect tutorial!!  I had to slightly adapt it as my hexagons were already made (with a crochet 3). 
I am so happy with the result!  
Thanks to you NillaK I had the best time making this bag and I have never been that fast in finishing something! And this post is in English... just for you ;-)

 Also on Coco's advice I put some padding in the lining so the bag would keep the lovely pouch shape.

4 commentaires:

  1. yes ! c'est sublime et tu as fait un joli petit noeud :-) il faut que tu envoies ça aux copines de crochet qu elles voient ton oeuvre

  2. J'adore tout simplement le sac !
    Veux tu que chacune devienne membre du blog de l'autre ?

  3. It's beautiful! Well done, I must say! :) I like the padding, I could tell immediately that you had made something to keep the shape, it looks great. And thank you for posting in English, I did study French in school, but I honestly have forgotten most of it... :) I am very happy that you liked the bag and the tutorial, you almost make me blush! ;)

  4. Seemed right to comment here. :) So glad you like your bag! I'm afraid my yarn is Swedish, and might be hard to find elsewhere? Not sure... Anyway, it's called Soft Cotton, from a company called Järbo garn. Maybe it's possible to buy online, if they would ship it abroad. Another solution could be to use two strands of a thinner yarn.